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    Because with AVID™ you can

Truly yours

Anyone who ever did anything exciting & great was inspired & driven by their own personal vision.

Vision is what got you where you are now. But whose vision is it? your Marketing Manager’s, your CFO’s, your Engineer’s, your Accountant’s, a Consultant’s, a standard off-the-shelf vision for your industry, a mix of all the above. Is it truly yours? It must be truly yours.

Naive, inexperienced people like Richard Branson, Tony Fadell, Nick Woodman, Steve Jobs started with nothing but their own truly personal vision. That’s what excited them, inspired them, empowered them, gave them the courage to break out of standard thinking, to live and work beyond the limiting norms.

They did not have a standard off-the-shelf business vision. They dared to have their own vision. They dared to ignore the expert naysayers, they were inspired, they rolled up their shirt sleeves and realized their own vision. Your vision must be truly yours.

Yours when you are AVID™

At AVID™ we identify your own, authentic, inspiring vision. We have developed vision identification tools which will astonish you.

Your own vision is intrinsic, suppressed by the weight of the world’s experts, standards & norms that prevent you from daring to visualize and go outside standard templates.

The astonishing success of ordinary, inexperienced, naive people like Branson, Jobs, Faldell, Woodman et al is no mystery when you discover it’s all about being authentic, vision inspired & driven (AVID™). Everything else is way down the pyramid. Everything else comes later.

When you become AVID™ and get traction, you bring trained functionaries (employees) into your vision. Your vision is paramount. MBAs, General Managers, CFOs, Marketers, Engineers, Sales Staff et al are employees whom you engage and bring into your vision. They merely assist you realize true your personal vision.

All yours

AVID™ Vision is powered by our extraordinary insights into the minds & spirits of entrepreneurs who had a vision, their own vision, had fun and realized it. And it’s backed by our multi-discipline commercialization expertise and our rare, astonishing ability to serially innovate & invent.

Multi-discipline expertise

We do it all for you, in-house. Whatever industry you are in, whatever your present scale 100K or billion dollar corporation. Wherever you are in the world.

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