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    Exciting global ventures

Exciting World Firsts

In addition to consulting for other companies, we create our own AVID™ Ventures.

We conceive world Firsts, invent, engineer, develop & design, patent & brand & commercialize.

We have many AVID™ Ventures. One will excite & inspire you, and will enable you to realize your greatest vision for your company.

I.P. sales & joint ventures

You may purchase our I.P. outright or upfront fee plus royalty. We support you to make it happen with 100 AVID™ hours free.

If we click with you we will partner with you, we then jointly complete the feasibility study, incorporate a dedicated company, transfer our I.P. to the company, work through the 5 AVID™ Foundation steps, and go to market. The financial vision is to realize $100 million within 5 years.

Have a look at our AVID™ Ventures. Check out our Team Page & Contact Us.

We will make it happen.

Exciting large scale ventures

AVID™ Ventures are new global market creation ventures. They are initiated by our ability to research global opportunity & our astonishing ability to serially invent utility patentable products. They are executed by our extraordinary multi-discipline commercialization expertise & network of global associates.

Multi-discipline expertise

We do it all for you, in-house. Whatever industry you are in, whatever your present scale 100K or billion dollar corporation. Wherever you are in the world.

Vision  l  Business Strategy  l  Joint-ventures  l  Brand Creation  l   R&D   l  Patents  l   Intellectual Property Creation & Sales  l  Innovation  l  Engineering  l  Product design  l  3D CAD  l   Graphic design  l  Motion graphics  l  Website design & build  l   Computer Systems design & build  l  Manufacturing in China & Taiwan  l  Marketing Materials Design  l Sales through major retail chains  l