• AVID Method

    Will turbocharge your company

Authentic Vision Inspired Foundation

Our AVID™ method is revolutionary, designed to turbocharge any company, any size in any industry, anywhere in the world.

AVID™ Method is Business owner centric, Business Model Innovation Based, Vision Realization Strategy Directed. AVID™ method increases profit and drives exponential sales growth.

The outcomes of each AVID™ step are refined and simplified, and graphically documented in your Vision Realization Manual. Your Vision Realization Manual becomes your vision realization reference tool.

I.P. Creation & Development

And if you are a manufacturer of your own product & brand (OBM), we can invent & develop, a utility patentable product, to turbocharge your profit and growth to extraordinary high levels so you realize your greatest business vision fast.

As you know, one mass market invention, which inspires your major accounts and inspires a mass market, instantly transforms an average company into an astonishingly successful rapid growth powerhouse.

No other consulting group can invent utility patentable products at will. We have the unique ability to serially invent & develop.

Of course, business owners who don’t know us yet, and who don’t fully appreciate that their own personal vision is the driving force for astonishing success, may be skeptical.

Take a look at our AVID™ I.P. page, seeing is believing.

No Other Company Can Do What We Do

AVID™ Method is insight based, and based on our 30 years of working with company owners across the world. It is informed by our independent brand research, backed by our extraordinary, multi-discipline commercialization expertise and turbocharged by our rare, astonishing ability to serially innovate, invent & develop breakthrough products.

We invented AVID™ Method. No other company anywhere in the world can do what we do.

Multi-discipline expertise

We do it all for you, in-house. Whatever industry you are in, whatever your present scale 100K or billion dollar corporation. Wherever you are in the world.

Vision  l  Business Strategy  l  Joint-ventures  l  Brand Creation  l   R&D   l  Patents  l   Intellectual Property Creation & Sales  l  Innovation  l  Engineering  l  Product design  l  3D CAD  l   Graphic design  l  Motion graphics  l  Website design & build  l   Computer Systems design & build  l  Manufacturing in China & Taiwan  l  Marketing Materials Design  l Sales through major retail chains  l