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Few do, we do

International research since 1900 [1] has proved, time & time again that few people have original thoughts. Farm boy, business guru or PhD rocket scientist, they think the same standard thoughts all their peers have been trained to think. They just don’t have innovative thoughts.

“Good ideas are everywhere, it’s execution that matters” is a standard majority thought. Fact is, new good ideas are very rare. Truth is the trained majority can execute, they just never have a new good idea to execute. And if they see one before it’s been proven and part of their world, they automatically reject it, as not credible, too strange, too different, too outside the standards.

Original innovative thought

Look at the graph. Only 2.5% have their own original, innovative thoughts. The majority think only conventional thoughts. But, most of the 2.5% lack the multi-discipline expertise to realize their original thought. So the majority expert engineers, business advisors, marketers, accountants, venture capitalists easily dismiss original, new, innovative ideas as non-viable, impossible to make, un-marketable, silly. Few innovators survive running that gauntlet.

That’s why innovation remains rare, despite the dire need and despite all the talk worldwide. And it’s why those few who get some capital and make it though start-up, quickly become international brands, billion $ success stories. And then we see all the former naysayer experts jump on the bandwagon. It’s how it is, how it has always been.

We are of the 2.5%. And we have all the multi-discipline commercialization expertise to realize our inventive & innovative thoughts. 1. Innovation & Innovation research, late 19th century to present, Tarde, Ratze, Frobenius, Ryan & Gross, Rogers et al.

Daring Innovation

AVID™ Innovation is natural & easy for us. We are of the 2.5%. And we are also of an even rarer group known as serial inventors. Click Here, seeing is believing. And everything we think, invent, do, is backed by our extraordinary multi-discipline commercialization expertise.

Multi-discipline expertise

We do it all for you, in-house. Whatever industry you are in, whatever your present scale 100K or billion dollar corporation. Wherever you are in the world.

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