• Industrial Design

    Authentic style

Essential fairy dust

Apple, BMW, Mercedes all use it. It’s the ‘fairy dust’ that makes smart, well made products shine.

Despite the volumes written, Apple, BMW, Mercedes and every other big success, big name brand is not “design driven”. They merely use design very cleverly to make their clever, beautifully engineered products and to style them in the authentic brand style of their company.

But, these days, every company is heavy on the fairy dust and very light on the ‘smarts’. Fairy dusted me-too products flood world markets. Consumers are drowning in the stuff. Major retailers pay little for them, because there is no money in it for them.

At best they cause brand switching, and do not generate more revenue for the retailer. That’s why they are unimpressed by re-styled, ‘fairy dusted’ me-too products. And that’s why product vendors wrongly believe major retailers are too hard to deal with. You need to give them something that promises to increase their revenues. Designers don’t understand that.

It’s simple

Taught at universities worldwide, Industrial design is a simple, standard 3 stage process. It’s not magic.

Sketches & or 3D computer models of what the re-designed me-too product may look like.

2Concept Development
The client or R&D manager selects one of the concepts for development and the concept is developed.

3Production Specifications
Most Industrial Designers can’t do this stage, so engineering has to do it.

AVID™ Industrial Design is all 3 stages. We apply fairy dust better than any Industrial Design consultancy in the world. But we don’t apply it to me-too products. We create a new breakthrough product first, then sprinkle it with fairy dust.

New breakthrough products are what the world’s major retail chains want and what the world’s consumers want.

Authentic brand based design

AVID™ Industrial Design is different to standard practices worldwide. It is informed and backed by our extraordinary multi-discipline commercialization expertise & our rare ability to serially invent.

Multi-discipline expertise

We do it all for you, in-house. Whatever industry you are in, whatever your present scale 100K or billion dollar corporation. Wherever you are in the world.

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