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    Authenticity is the secret

Authentic differentiation

Crafted pretty logo’s & slogans decorate millions of low margin products & services which flood world markets. But less than 1% are authentic expressions of the personality and character traits of company founders.

The vast majority are artificial lures their owners hope will attract attention of the swarming masses swimming about in a worldwide flood of products & services.

Most marketers, graphic designers & advertising agencies copy the professional style of authentic brands like Apple, BMW, Mercedes, McDonalds, Calvin Klien, Vuitton, Catapillar, Virgin Go-Pro et al.

Standard MBA thinking does not recognize the success of the few big name, high-margin brands is due to the fact that each expresses the authentic, different preferences and character traits of the company founder. They are genuinely different, genuinely differentiated, genuinely unique.

Authentic personality

Lois Vuitton was a genuine upperclass man who loved luxury leather goods. He shared his love with like-minded, like-class people.

Steve Jobs was a genuine techophile. He loved computer technology. He wanted to inspire the whole world to love computers too.

Richard Branson loves music, attractive ladies and fun. His 400+ companies still express his personal preferences.

Caterpillar founder Ben Holt was an American inventor. He loved machinery, loved inventing machines. He invented & patented the first crawler-type tread tractor.

Nick Woodman is a young, enthusiastic, energetic action-activity loving man. Go-Pro is him.

Only authentic founder based brands resonate with the masses. People are naturally drawn to them from day 1. If the brand remains true to its founder’s personality, the masses keep buying them & will pay a premium, forever.

Unique insight based

AVID™ Brand Creation is insight based, based on our 30 years of working with company owners and our independent brand research. And it backed by our extraordinary, multi-discipline commercialization expertise and our rare, astonishing ability to serially innovate & invent [2].

Multi-discipline expertise

We do it all for you, in-house. Whatever industry you are in, whatever your present scale 100K or billion dollar corporation. Wherever you are in the world.

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