• Imagine

    You made the right decision. You worked with us, you used AVID. You transformed your company into a high-profit, rapid-growth powerhouse.

All breakthrough opportunities & all content of this website 100% AVID™ 100% done in-house.

It’s the right decision

Imagine the greatest success you’ve ever enjoyed. You were bold, You inspired your team & you won, your company leapt forward.

Always a bold leader, not a timid follower, you led your company into the new global economy. You know all industries are now floundering. Credit is harder to get, consumers are harder to excite, China’s raging economy has slowed. The resources boom has ended. The old economy is forever gone. The new economy is here.

Yesterday’s business models & practices now fail. A glut of designer-styled low-margin me-too products & services flood national & global markets. You did what business experts, researchers & governments worldwide know the next batch of business owners who become billionaires will do.

Because now you can

Steve Jobs, Nick Woodman, Tony Fadell were not MBAs, not experienced business people. They were bold, Authentic individuals with vision & drive and they innovated.

Just 2.5% of the population are innovators. They do, rather than plan. They ignore naysaying non-innovator segment business & marketing experts, intuitively knowing the masses will be excited and will buy their products & services in mass.

Partnering with Early Adopter Angel Investors they develop their innovation, go to market and trigger explosive sales. In 5 to 10 years they are a major shareholder/CEO of a high profit billion dollar corporation.

AVID™ method systematizes what AVID™ innovators do. We also serially invent utility patentable breakthrough products to provide the innovations to do what they did.


Using AVID™ you leveraged all your company’s resources & expertise. You put your company in the high profit, rapid growth AVID™ Quadrant. You created your own exclusive, high profit, astonishing growth global market.

You gain the power to make it all happen with multi-discipline, seamlessly integrated AVID™ method. Truly revolutionary, without equal anywhere in the world, AVID™ focuses the key capabilities & resources of your company, then adds innovative strategy and exclusive I.P. empowering you to leverage all you have invested in your company & transform your company into a high profit rapid growth powerhouse.

AVID™ gives new vision & exciting new life to every company in every industry, start-up or major corporation. Giving you the power to go from standing start to billion $ revenue within 3-5 years.

Seamlessly integrated multi-discipline expertise

100K or billion dollar corporation, anywhere in the world - we do it all:

Vision  l  Business Strategy  l  Joint-ventures  l  Brand Creation  l   R&D   l  Patents  l   Intellectual Property Creation & Sales  l  Innovation  l  Engineering  l  Product design  l  3D CAD  l   Graphic design  l  Motion graphics  l  Website design & build  l   Computer Systems design & build  l  Manufacturing in China & Taiwan  l  Marketing Materials Design  l Sales through major retail chains  l