• AVID Strategy

    Fast vision realization

People strategy

Initially, Nick Woodman, Steve Jobs, Tony Fadell and every other self made billionaire knew little about business. All had a personal inspiring vision of a city on a hill. Your vision is your own city on a hill, a forest in between. AVID™ strategy is the fastest path to get you there.

First we identify the 3 key parts of your strategy:

1  The demographics & psychographics of people who will be inspired by your vision, who wish to have a piece of it (a product or service) in their lives. Your mass-market.

2  Key people who genuinely buy into your vision, will work with you shoulder to shoulder to make it happen; your executive who will assist you inspire & direct your team.

3  Stakeholders who see your vision advancing realization of their own vision: other company owners (manufacturers, distributors, retailers), political figures, investors.

Inspiring a mass market

We then map a path through the forest. We write strategy to deliver pieces of the vision (your products & services) from your boardroom, through your company, through the chain of inspired people to your inspired mass-market. The strategy factors all elements of your business model to:

1  link elements of your vision (your products & services) with millions of people who will be inspired by your vision and who will pay a premium to have it in their lives.

2  delivers genuinely differentiated, authentic brand products, consistently to your most receptive market, to i) establish an authentically differentiated high-margin, high-sales-volume brand at market launch ii) to greatly accelerate mass-market brand awareness without long obsolete decades of time & million $ advertising.

3  use authentic brand elements & inspired innovation to attract & keep your inspired mass-market buying, at a premium, year after year.

Proven highly effective

AVID™ Strategy is powered by our global outlook, our extraordinary, multi-discipline commercialization expertise and our astonishing ability to innovate. Our AVID™ Strategy has proved astonishingly effective for 100K companies & billion dollar corporations.

Multi-discipline expertise

We do it all for you, in-house. Whatever industry you are in, whatever your present scale 100K or billion dollar corporation. Wherever you are in the world.

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